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From the Desk of Dave Kanicki

You Can’t Keep Up Either?

In putting together the special report on agricultural application technology that will appear in the September issue of Farm Equipment, our editors and contributors interviewed more than a dozen industry experts. These included growers, dealers, system developers and equipment manufacturers of precision farming technology.
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From the Desk of Mike Lessiter

Showing Off the ‘People’ Side of the Farm Equipment Business

With Lessiter Media’s 35th anniversary celebration next week (we’re taking our staff and their spouses out for an overnight stay in the city), our team has been working on some special things here to commemorate the milestone. They’ve been chronicling memories, philosophies and visions from that tough start-up by my parents (Frank and Pam) in 1981, and how they got through that daunting first decade during a horrendous ag economy.
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Guest Blog

Right to Repair Legislation Wrong for Nebraska

Recently, a small advocacy group in Nebraska published an op-ed promoting what is commonly known as “Right to Repair” legislation. The group argued that Right to Repair will lead to increased competition and decreased prices for consumers. What these proponents didn’t tell you is that this type of legislation does little to protect consumers and instead jeopardizes both safety and environmental protections in several ways.
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Ahead of the Curve: Two New Diesel Engine Oils Coming in December

Two years ago in this column, we told you the familiar CJ-4 diesel engine oil category was living on borrowed time as regulators continued to make demands on engine designers to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions. Today, that prediction is reality with a new CK-4 category, announced for a broad range of off-road equipment and light duty diesel powered pickup trucks.
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To The Point: The Right to Tinker

Early last year a heated debate was instigated by a gentleman who was frustrated by his inability to help his neighbor who was having service and repair issues with his new tractor (“The Next High-Tech Battle in Ag,” Farm Equipment E-Watch, Feb. 10, 2015).
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