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September 2016 Tractor & Combine Analysis

Supply and demand is alive and well in the U.S. agricultural economy. Harvest of U.S. crops has begun and brings with it a great expectation of a record yields. Like a huge seesaw, high demand for a commodity elevates the prices customers are willing to pay for that product and when there is an excess worldwide inventory, prices fall to meet the slowing demand.
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And Now for the Good News…

You’ve seen the stats — dissatisfied customers will tell 8-10 people all about their pain, while positive experiences are shared only with 2-3 others.
OK, as a bonus for enduring my rant, I promised you a good customer service story. Gonna give credit where it’s due.
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People & Profits: How Do You Turn a Crisis into Opportunity?

I’m a life-long Red Sox fan who can’t manage to hate a great Yankee, Derek Jeter. My admiration was sealed during one play in the 2001 playoffs against the moneyball Oakland A’s. With the game tied, a runner on second and the series on the line, the A’s slashed a base hit to right field. As the runner rounded third, the Yankee right fielder scooped the ball and made a weak, off-line throw to the plate. Seemingly out of nowhere, Jeter appeared on the first base line, intercepted the dying throw and, as if snap-turning a double play, shovel-flipped it to the Yankee catcher just in time to tag the runner out. I’d never seen a shortstop do that before or since. It has become his signature play known as “The Iconic Flip.”
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To The Point: The Death of Service Expectations

I can carp with the best of ‘em when it comes to lousy customer service. For most of my life, I’ve believed I’m entitled (yes, I used that word) to a decent experience when handing over a buck in exchange for a product or service. And when I don’t get it, man, do I see red. Just ask my wife.
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From the Desk of Dave Kanicki

Are Ag Mergers & Acquisitions Really Bad for the Industry?

For some folk, it’s automatic — any and all industry mergers and/or significant acquisitions are bad, anti-competitive, designed to squeeze out smaller competitors and must be stopped at all costs. At least they must be closely scrutinized to determine who might be harmed and how much damage might such a transaction cause.
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Machinery Pete: The Future in One Word

Plastics were the one word future in 1967. Here in 2016 the one word future is drones. This is true even when it comes to the used farm equipment biz. For more than 3 years now I’ve been talking and writing quite a lot on the subject of “personalizing” the used equipment you are trying to sell to make it worth more money to potential buyers.
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