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Solectrac Adds 3 New Certified Dealers

Solectrac Adds 3 New Certified Dealers

Solectrac, makers of electric tractors and an operating company of Ideanomics, announced the continued expansion of its certified dealer network with the addition of Ocala Tractor LLC, Schow's Inc. and Georgia Land Equipment.

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  • AEM Reports Sales Down in July

    U.S. and Canadian ag tractor monthly unit sales in July 2022 fell, while harvester sales grew in the U.S., according to the latest data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). 

  • Farm Equipment's Best of the Web: August 12, 2022

    Farm Equipment editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great farm machinery industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week. The Best of the Web This Week series is brought to you by CLEANFIX.

  • AGI Second Quarter Revenue Rises 29% to $390 Million

    Record results were supported by strength across nearly all segments and geographies as the company expanded margins despite supply chain issues, regional disruption in Europe, Middle East and Africa and continued cost inflation pressure.
  • Monarch Tractors to be Manufactured by Foxconn

    Hon Hai Technology Group today announced the signing of a contract manufacturing agreement with Zimeno Inc. DBA Monarch Tractor to build next-generation agricultural equipment and battery packs at the Foxconn Ohio facility.
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How Dealers Can Use ROI to Sell More than Farm Equipment
To successfully sell customers on ROI, determine the numbers that are important to them — hours saved, fuel savings, yield increases — and go from there.

8 Factors for Cultivating & Promoting a Professional Culture of Excellence
These facets are all tied closely to developing your dealership’s image, which in turn goes hand-in-hand with high customer satisfaction.

The Washout Cycle — A Better Way to Manage & Sell Used Equipment
Casey Seymour swears by this strategy for managing used — and new — inventory for the best cashflow.

How Leverage & Inventory Turnover Keep the Balance Sheet in Order
This executive shares his approach to teaching employees throughout the dealership the importance of leverage and turnover, the guard rails for keeping the balance sheet — and dealership — on track.


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  • Another View at Relationship Selling in Ag

    I always smile when I talk to an ag retailer, seed company, grain or livestock group, or machinery company when I ask them how they sell. They say "On relationships."
  • Dealer Association Profile: Who is Kim Rominger?

    Last Friday’s On the Record” broadcast from Ag Equipment Intelligence (AEI) featured an interview with Kim Rominger, president/CEO of the “new” North American Dealers Assn. (NAEDA) formed on July 1. A view of Rominger’s office prompted a late-night memory of a conversation and personal trivia Rominger shared with me 15 years or so ago (and perhaps now wishes he hadn’t).

  • Casey_Seymour.png

    Proactive vs. Reactive: What Does Your Crystal Ball Say?

    In February 2014, I was sitting at Palm Spring International Airport, returning home after a conference I attended. I was invited to give a presentation titled “Pros and Cons of Leasing vs. Buying Equipment.”
  • Fertilizer & Fuel?

    While most North American growers and farm equipment dealers don’t share much enthusiasm for electric-powered field tractors and harvesters, the recent demonstration of a highly-modified John Deere tractor using anhydrous ammonia as fuel for its electric motors could spark some interest in both groups.

Used Equipment Remarketing Roadmaps

[Podcast] Recession Pressure on the Grain Markets

In this episode of the Farm Equipment's Used Equipment Remarketing Roadmaps podcast host Casey Seymour of Moving Iron LLC sit down with Shawn Hackett of Hackett Financial, based in Boca Raton, Fla. Shawn regularly joins the podcast to provide an update on the grain marketplace.

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2022 DMS

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Farm Equipment editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great farm machinery industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week.

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The Best of the Web This Week series is brought to you by CLEANFIX.


Sprayer/High Clearance Values Guide

This month's equipment value guide highlights high clearance sparyers from Apache, Case IH, John Deere, Miller, New Holland and RoGator. All of the sprayers included in the selection are model year 2020 units and appeared in the Summer 2022 IronGuides issue.

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Values shown in the tables listed here represent the most commonly equipped options with typical usage hours on equipment of this age. For more detailed values use, an online appraisal tool for agricultural equipment that adjusts for your machine’s unique region, options and usage.

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Farm Equipment Dealer 100™

The Farm Equipment Dealer 100™ (a ranking of the top 100 North American farm equipment dealers — by number of locations) provides information on total and ag stores, brands, geographies served, employees, history, executives and ownership/company profile information.

Compiled by the editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence and Farm Equipment in collaboration with Machinery Advisors Consortium (MAC)this new, interactive content is made possible through the support of Verge Ag.

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How New Equipment Technologies are Reshaping Farming

How New Equipment Technologies are Reshaping Farming

For decades, farmers equated machine control with having two hands on the steering wheel, navigating their field on instinct and tradition. But the next generation of machine automation is imminent, offering the ag industry promising, yet unproven opportunities.
Brand Loyalty in the Farm Equipment Business (PDF)

Brand Loyalty in the Farm Equipment Business (PDF)

Every three years since 2011, Ag Equipment Intelligence editors have extensively surveyed farmers across 12 states encompassing the Corn Belt (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri), Lake States (Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin) and Northern Plains (Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota) regions of the U.S. to gauge the level of loyalty they hold toward equipment. The culmination of a nearly a decade-long study, Ag Equipment Intelligence has now combined this extensive primary research into an insightful, comprehensive and unique dealership management report, Brand Loyalty in the Farm Equipment Business. 

2018 Big Dealer Report

2018 Big Dealer Report

Since 2009, the editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence in collaboration with the Machinery Advisors Consortium have compiled the annual "Big Dealer" Report to provide the ag equipment industry with a thorough, by-the-numbers analysis into the shifts in dealer ownership, along with insight into the implications these shifts have on the industry. It's the most detailed source of information on ownership changes and consolidation trends of North America's largest farm equipment dealers.



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