Challenges in Improving Forage Quality
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Challenges in Improving Forage Quality

For dairy farmers who have been battling poor prices in recent times, forage quality has become increasingly important.

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Our Dealer Story Podcast

[Podcast] Our Dealer Story: Vanderloop Equipment

In the episode of the Farm Equipment podcast, “Our Dealer Story” brought to you by HBS Systems, Editor Kim Schmidt sits with Robb Vanderloop, co-owner of Vanderloop Equipment, a 3-location AGCO dealership based in Brillion, Wisconsin.

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Farm Equpment's "Our Dealer Story" podcast series is brought to you by HBS Systems.

HBS Systems

HBS Systems, like many of our customers, is a multi-generational company that has for over 30 years provided leading-edge systems and software technology designed specifically for Agricultural and Construction equipment dealerships. Learn more at

Dealership Minds Summit


Centered on the theme of "360° Sales: Actionable Strategies for the Farm Equipment Dealer," the 2019 Dealership Minds Summit is a 2-day DEALERS ONLY networking and idea sharing event that is 100% focused on equipping your company to run a more profitable precision farming business.

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Dealers on the Move: The Latest

Agri-Service Merges Facilities to Expand Services and Add Fendt

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Dealers on the Move is the latest news on dealer growth, including acquisitions, consolidations and new locations. It is brought to you by Ingersoll Tillage

Ingersoll specializes in seedbed solutions. Whatever seedbed challenges you have, Ingersoll can give you the right tools to get the job done. For every tillage and planting practice, there's an ideal Ingersoll application, visit

Ag Equipment Entrepreneurs

Kinze Manufacturing’s Long Road to ‘Disruptive Innovation’ in the Farm Equipment Industry

Now in its 2nd generation, Kinze Manufacturing’s father-daughter team discuss challenge and triumph, and their aim to innovate with new products dealers want to sell and farmers want to buy. Continue Reading...

Farm Equipment‘s Ag Equipment Entrepreneurs series is brought to you by Osmundson.

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Ask the Expert: Marketing

Customer Lifetime Value: A Stairstep Approach to Growing Profitably

A few readers have asked how Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV) can be used to help drive profitable growth. You can think of CLV as the value a customer brings to your business from first interaction to last transaction, which could span decades, especially in a relationship business like ours.

This blog by industry expert Jeff Bowman is part of the Ask the Expert series, sponsored by Western Equipment Dealers Assn. (WEDA) .

Submit a Question

At the Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA), it’s all about YOU! We’re an advocacy association that works tirelessly to advance the interests of our members – more than 2,000 North American agriculture, industrial, forestry and outdoor equipment dealers. Every day, in everything we do, we never take our eyes off one essential question: will it help the dealer? Learn more…

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Ask the Expert: Used Equipment

Predictions on 2012-14 Model Year Equipment Values

Earlier this year I wrote an article titled “The Hangover.” The article talks about the amount of used equipment on the market from Model Years 2010-14. In the article, I talk about machine hours and how they are bottlenecking the used equipment washout cycle. So what does this mean?

This blog by industry expert Casey Seymour is part of the Ask the Expert: Used Equipment series, sponsored by Iron Solutions.

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At Iron Solutions, we provide used equipment valuations, market intelligence and a suite of integrated, cloud-based business systems custom-tailored for the equipment industry. Our proprietary model is built on actual dealer sales transaction data. Learn more…

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Big Shortline Report: A Listing of Specialty Ag Equipment Manufacturers

Big Shortline Report: A Listing of Specialty Ag Equipment Manufacturers

This first-of-its-kind report, "The Big Shortline Report: A Listing of Specialty Ag Equipment Manufacturers" is the result of an exhaustive 2-year project by Ag Equipment Intelligence editors to aggregate the key business metrics of more than 120 shortline equipment manufacturers throughout the U.S.
How New Equipment Technologies are Reshaping Farming

How New Equipment Technologies are Reshaping Farming

For decades, farmers equated machine control with having two hands on the steering wheel, navigating their field on instinct and tradition. But the next generation of machine automation is imminent, offering the ag industry promising, yet unproven opportunities.
Brand Loyalty in the Farm Equipment Business (PDF)

Brand Loyalty in the Farm Equipment Business (PDF)

Every three years since 2011, Ag Equipment Intelligence editors have extensively surveyed farmers across 12 states encompassing the Corn Belt (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri), Lake States (Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin) and Northern Plains (Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota) regions of the U.S. to gauge the level of loyalty they hold toward equipment. The culmination of a nearly a decade-long study, Ag Equipment Intelligence has now combined this extensive primary research into an insightful, comprehensive and unique dealership management report, Brand Loyalty in the Farm Equipment Business. 

2018 Big Dealer Report

2018 Big Dealer Report

Since 2009, the editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence in collaboration with the Machinery Advisors Consortium have compiled the annual "Big Dealer" Report to provide the ag equipment industry with a thorough, by-the-numbers analysis into the shifts in dealer ownership, along with insight into the implications these shifts have on the industry. It's the most detailed source of information on ownership changes and consolidation trends of North America's largest farm equipment dealers.



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