Cost of Doing Business: How to Use CODB Numbers to Up Your Dealership's Performance
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Cost of Doing Business: How to Use CODB Numbers to Up Your Dealership's Performance

The year 2015 may well be a trying one for many farm equipment dealerships. Recent record profits and tax incentives have allowed farmers to own a fleet of new or nearly new equipment. In the future, equipment purchases may be severely restricted if there are changes in earnings or tax rules.

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Our editors are working right now on our next edition, which takes you “inside” the operations of this 11th annual class of inductees, which an independent panel of judges selected as North America’s very best. Stay tuned! Here's a list of past winners:

Jamestown Implement Co. * Fred Haar Co. * Titan Machinery * Champlain Valley Equipment * Birkey’s Farm Store Inc. * Scott Supply Co. * Record Harvest Enterprises Inc. * Miller Farm Equipment * Vincennes Tractor * Young's Equipment Inc. * Bonneville & Madison County Implement * RDO Northern Agriculture * Codington-Clark Equipment * JayDee AgTech * Janson Equipment Co. * Johnson Tractor * Kennedy Implement * Stotz Equipment * Lake County International * PriarieLand Partners * Godfrey Bros.

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  • Dave Kanicki

    Did We Experience an 'Ag Equipment Bubble?'

    According to estimates produced by VDMA, worldwide sales of farm machinery are expected to fall by about 10% in 2015. If this is as bad as it gets, a lot of North American farm equipment dealers and manufacturers will not only be happy, but surprised.
  • Kim Schmidt

    Is Fraud Impacting Your Dealership?

    Can you trust your employees? Better yet, should you trust your employees? During a recent trip to the East Coast to visit a few different dealerships, two dealers told me about problems they had with employees stealing from them. If this was a problem for these two dealers, I wondered how widespread the issue really is.
  • Dr. Jim Weber

    Business of Selling: Ensuring Territorial Coverage

    Two of the most important responsibilities of an equipment salesperson are to maintain relationships with existing customers while simultaneously securing new customers. One of the primary responsibilities of the dealer/sales manager, therefore, is to see that those responsibilities are done efficiently and effectively.
  • Dan Crummett

    Ahead of the Curve: VR Motors Finding Ag Applications

    With the advent of faster and more precise switching capabilities of modern microprocessors, the mechanically simple, multi-speed, multi-voltage, variable reluctance motors used in VFDs are poised to make a move into agricultural applications.

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Brian Carpenter
President & GM
Champlain Valley Equipment
Middlebury, Vt.

Mark Foster
Regional Manager/Partner
Birkey's Farm Store
Bloomington, Ill.

Leo Johnson
Johnson Tractor
Janesville, Wis.

Keith Kreps
Executive Vice President
RDO Equipment
Fargo, N.D.

Tom Rosztoczy
President & CEO
Stotz Equipment
Avondale, Ariz.

Clint Schnoor
Agri-Service LLC
Twin Falls, Idaho

Tim Young
General Manager
Young's Equipment
Regina, Saskatchewan

Mark Foster
Regional Manager/Partner
Birkey's Farm Store
Bloomington, Ill.

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2015 Big Dealer Report (PDF)

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