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Long-Term Equipment Management Strategies for Dealers, Part 3

Equipment Rates Built for Individual Farms & Equipment Companies

If you asked your customers their equipment cost per acre, would they have an answer for you? Some might have a general idea of what their principal and interest payments are annually and could arrive at a per acre cost. But would that include key factors like depreciation, inflation and appreciation in equipment costs over the lifetime of the equipment fleet? Most likely, no.

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Long-Term Equipment Management Strategies for Dealers, Part 1

The 3-5 Year Equipment Outlook Tool

The airline industry rolls out new airplanes with an anticipated life expectancy. Some aircraft are designed for 15-20 years of heavy use, while others are designed for much longer periods of time; 80-100 years. This evaluation is made based on estimated miles, conditions, environments, and specific uses. Why then, do we do such a poor job of handling our farm equipment the same way?

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How Can Businesses Retain Employees?

‘Recognize strong work performance’

With unemployment rates at a historical low nationally, a big question looms: how do businesses retain their staff? Dr. Trish Petak, Kansas Wesleyan University’s Associate Professor of Business and Accounting, offers a simple answer.

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Ag Tire Talk

Steep Slope Ag Tire Adjustments

If producer is working fields with +11° Slope (+20% Grade), what changes should be made in tire selection (Bias-Radial-IF/VF CFO), air pressure, and operator procedures to ensure optimum performance and minimal downtime.

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What’s in Store for Agriculture in 2022?

AgWeb predicts 4 trends to watch

As we prepare to ring in a new year, what trends will shape 2022? Sara Schafer at AgWeb talked with Jack Uldrich, a futurist and former naval intelligence officer, about what he sees impacting agriculture in the new year.

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