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Dan Crummett
Ahead of the Curve

Ethanol Offers Practical Diesel Fuel Alternative

ClearFlame Engine Technologies announces developments that could soon put ethanol in the fuel tanks of farm tractors as well as many of the nation’s over-the-road trucks as it vies for clean fuel alternatives.
It’s rare news that can bring a smile to corn farmers, environmentalists, over-the-road truckers and anyone else who uses a diesel engine for a living, but ClearFlame Engine Technologies may have brought Christmas early this year to all those folks.
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Kim Schmidt

What You Taught Me About Productivity

Upon returning to the office from the Dealership Minds Summit this summer, our staff started planning how we’d turn all the great presentations into a solid report for this issue. Mike Lessiter came to me with a unique idea … let’s apply what we learned about tech efficiency, time estimates and service management to what we do here as editors.
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