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Single-Store Deere Dealer Calls It Quits

We heard from an old friend, and now an ex-equipment dealer, last week. He said he’s thrown in the towel, sold his single-store John Deere dealership and is now looking at other possibilities for what to do with the rest of his working career.
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Tim Whitley

Consumer Journey to Purchasing Small Ag — 2019

Dealer Marketing Series Presented by Team SI.
The year 2019 has been an interesting one. Research in the evaluation and consideration phases of the customer journey continues to grow for the small ag industry. We see that in our data we collect on these very niche people with Doppio.
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Dave Teigen
Leadership Lessons

Blocking and Tackling — Reviewing the Fundamentals of Leading

Moving organizations to the next level challenges dealership executives as they face higher expectations — customer, supplier and employee — as well as the need to compete by anticipating and preparing for industry and demographic changes. These factors, plus the greater scope of mergers and acquisitions, often forces experienced dealership managers to move from their traditional, management heavy responsibilities to a more leadership focused role.
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