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Want to Change a Company Culture? Train for It

The culture of an organization is all about how people behave on a daily basis in their organization. Many times, company leaders put a set of values or behaviors on the wall for employees and visitors to see, but they aren’t really serious about following them.
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Why Your Dealership Should be a Solution Provider and How to Become One

CEO of Erb Equipment, Carrie Roider, discusses why it is important for dealerships to be solution providers and how to be proactive with customers.
Within agriculture and construction, the equipment used can be very different from one another. Carrie Roider, CEO of Erb Equipment, an 8-store John Deere construction equipment dealer, notes this early on in her presentation during the Western Equipment Dealers Assn. (WEDA) International Dealers Conference in Scottsdale Ariz. What Roider points out is that regardless of the type of equipment in a dealership, all dealers have the same goal: driving sales, uniting the dealership and satisfying the customer.
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Why it’s Important to Keep Employees Energized and 10 Ideas to Accomplish It

Owen Palm, CEO of 21st Century Equipment, discussed the importance of keeping employees energized and how he does that in the second part of a leadership development.
Keeping your employees energized is an important part of running your dealership. Having energized employees increases productivity, improves retention and results in lower absenteeism. It also is important in improving ROI and creating higher customer satisfaction.
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Dealers’ Perspective: How to Handle Mainline and Shortline Manufacturers

Dealers discuss how they juggle their mainline and shortline manufacturers and their process in partnering with a shortline manufacturer.
For shortline manufacturers, understanding how dealers work with them and what a dealer is looking for when taking on a shortline is an important part of how they run their business. Manufacturers got the opportunity to ask these questions during a dealer panel at the 2018 Farm Equipment Manufacturers Assn. (FEMA) Marketing & Distribution Convention in Minneapolis.
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