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A Look Back at Some of Ag’s Top Shortline Innovations

Innovation in the ag equipment market is often led by the nimbler shortline manufacturers.

The most innovative companies are often shortline manufacturers, who can be nimbler and more reactive to change. In fact, 90% of farmers surveyed said they agreed with the statement “Independent manufacturers are the driving force for the technological advancements in their respective niche product segments.”

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Farmers Say Price, Innovation Continues to Drive Shortline Equipment Purchases

A recent Farm Equipment survey found a majority of farmers believe shortlines have the edge over majorlines in both equipment price and customization.

In an effort to discover what exactly drives farmers to purchase equipment from shortline manufacturers instead of their majorlines, Farm Equipment surveyed nearly 240 farmers about their shortline equipment ownership, including their preferred brands and what drove them to purchase the equipment.

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2020 Equipment Dealers Assn. Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey

Shortline Approval Holds Steady in EDA’s 2020 Dealer-Manufacturer Survey

This year’s EDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Report showed shortline manufacturers score higher on average than full-line manufacturers, as well as beating the average of all combined manufacturers on the survey.
The Equipment Dealers Assn. (EDA) has released the results of its annual Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey to equipment dealers.
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Dealers’ Perspective: How to Handle Mainline and Shortline Manufacturers

Dealers discuss how they juggle their mainline and shortline manufacturers and their process in partnering with a shortline manufacturer.
For shortline manufacturers, understanding how dealers work with them and what a dealer is looking for when taking on a shortline is an important part of how they run their business. Manufacturers got the opportunity to ask these questions during a dealer panel at the 2018 Farm Equipment Manufacturers Assn. (FEMA) Marketing & Distribution Convention in Minneapolis.
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