Brian Carpenter

Running a business today vs 33 years ago when I took over; the average level of professionalism has grown significantly. Our store managers understand business finances, how departments are interdependent, absorption rates, study best practices as part of 20 groups, and mentor their staffs better than when I took over. This has supported the massive consolidation of our industry and increased profitability as without those two pieces, owners would not have had capacity to grow.

The most significant impact of this time has been technology. Today, our customers shop used pieces with dealers across the country due to the world wide web. Our customers can multi-task while planting or harvesting due to auto-guidance and other precision technology proliferation. The cell phone has made us accessible nearly 24/7. And everyone has access to more information than they can process.

When we received the Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year award, it was a huge recognition for our staff. They had worked hard following my leadership and we had seen tremendous growth. We felt we were doing the right things and our results kept improving. So, gaining national recognition was noteworthy for them, especially seeing their quotes and pictures in a high-quality magazine.

Farm Equipment magazine is the best professional periodical in our industry, sharing ideas, product development, and informative articles. We find our staff reads the articles and engages on the topics, so it serves as a developmental tool of sorts, too. And it’s free to them!

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