The 2012 New Holland T8.275 tractor with only 403 hours pictured below was sold at a Sept. 16, 2017, farm auction in northeast Iowa. It went for $95,000.


Now, to the question I’ve been dealing with daily for almost 28 years of compiling auction sale price data … How does that compare? Here’s a look at the last 5 New Holland T8.275 tractors I’ve seen sold at auction:


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August and September 2017 were fairly bearish months in terms of farmer sentiment due to a couple of negative USDA crop report estimates. In this light, it’s interesting to compare this $95,000 sale price to the $93,000 sale price a similar 2012 model T8.275 sold for back at a July 8, 2016, farm auction close by in southeast Minnesota. However it should be noted that T8.275 had 1,095 hours, so nearly 700 more hours than the T8.275 just sold at the northeast Iowa farm auction.

Here’s a Machinery Pete YouTube video of the T8.275 selling last July on the southeast Minnesota farm auction for $93,000: