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Q: IVECO Executive Gerrit Marx was named CEO of CNH this last week, replacing former Polaris Executive Scott Wine after what tenure with the major-line OEM?

A: 3 years. Scott Wine joined CNH Industries in January 2021.

Q: Which ag technology group received $20 million to scale its U.S. operation earlier this month?

A: Greeneye Technology. The recent funding of AI-enabled precision spraying technology Greeneye Technology brings the total investment to moree than $45 million. 

Q: Which brand is the primary supplier of ag equipment dealer Universal Tractor, which was acquired by a diversifying automotive behemoth Bob Howard Luxury Auto Group?

A: Kubota Tractor. Performance Brokerage Services announced the sale of Kubota dealership Universal Tractor Co., Lakewood, Colo. in early April.  

Q: The editors of Farm Equipment magazine are a national finalist for what award-winning content from the American Society of Business Press Editors?

A: Shortline Legends Hall of Fame. The inaugural class of Hall of Famers included Roy ApplequistJon KinzenbawDon LandollJoe MacDonald and Gary Vermeer

Q: At which John Deere facility was a layoff of 300-plus employees announced in late March?

A: John Deere Waterloo Works. A March 26 filing with the state of Iowa announced 308 layoffs with an effective date of April 26. 

Q: New York state’s 10-store Cazenovia Equipment was acquired by which Midwestern dealer group?

A: Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners. The John Deere dealer group leapt into noncontiguous territory as it expands from 28 existing locations in Missouri and Illinois.

Q: What dollar volume of imported tractors of 174-plus horsepower did the now-inoperable Port of Baltimore see in 2023?

A: $964 million. The U.S. Census Bureau reported the Port of Baltimore received almost $1 billion in imported tractors over 174 horsepower last year, representing 70% of all tractor imports in that horsepower category, an increase of 60% since 2022.

Q: Year-end AGCO tractor sales had changed by what amount from a year ago?

A: 17%. According to AGCO’s 2023 annual report, the company brought in $1.4 billion in tractor sales last year, up 17.7% year-over- year.

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