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Q: Which tractor manufacturer was terminated by AGCO after a 64-year-old commercial relationship in May?

A: TAFE. According to a May 1 SEC filing, AGCO has terminated its commercial relationships with Indian tractor manufacturer Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (“TAFE”).

Q: Which farm store group employed Tom Burenga prior to his taking over the Litchfield, Ill. ag equipment manufacturer that would become known as Worksaver?

A: Tractor Supply Co. Watch part one of an extended three-part video interview with Tim and Tom Burenga in this episode of the “How We Did it” Docuseries.

Q: How did the April 2024 North American month-end retail sales picture on 4WD tractor sales compare vs. 2023?

A: +24%. U.S. Sales of 4WD tractors increased 24% in April compared to 2023, according to the new data from the Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

Q: Who is the CEO of the fast-growing 17-store Parallel Ag dealership group, which announced plans to merge with Illinois-based A.C. McCartney?

A: Shawn Skaggs. Parallel Ag was formed in early 2023 through the merger of AGCO dealership Livingston Machinery and shortline application dealer Ag Solutions Group with Shawn Skaggs as the Parallel Ag President.   

Q: Which autonomous technology company announced a compatibility agreement with John Deere for its 5075E utility tractors in May?

A: Sabanto Ag. Sabanto, Inc. announced compatibility for John Deere 5075E tractors with Steward, an advanced technology platform that enables tractors to run autonomously.

Q: What ag equipment manufacturer’s engineering advancement with Lethbridge Iron Works was recognized as the “metalcasting conversion of the year” by the American Foundry Society in April?

A: Orthman Manufacturing. A visit to the American Foundry Society’s Metalcasting Congress last week in Milwaukee turned up equipment design news for Nebraska-based Orthman Manufacturing, and ductile iron casting supplier Lethbridge Iron Works of Alb., Canada.

Q: Which of the following articles was the most viewed content on for the month of April?

A: Report Says CNH Industrial Plans to Lay Off Over 200 Wisconsin Employees. Check out our top 10 most popular items on Farm Equipment from April 2024!

Q: Which of the major-line ag equipment manufacturers tallied more “Big Dealers” (5-plus locations) in the newly released 2024 Big Dealer Report from Ag Equipment Intelligence vs. last year?

A: Case IH. In this episode of On the Record, we break down the key takeaways from Ag Equipment Intelligence's newly released 2024 Big Dealer Report.

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