ITASCA, Ill. — Sabanto, Inc. announces compatibility for John Deere 5075E tractors with Steward, an advanced technology platform that enables tractors to run autonomously. This addition allows owners of John Deere 5075E cab and open operator station tractors to reallocate their time and efforts to other important aspects of their operation.

Automating field operations is a major development in addressing labor challenges throughout the industry, allowing for continuous tractor operations at any time of day or night. Automation will allow the industry to continue moving forward by doing  more with less labor.

“By extending Steward’s compatibility to include John Deere 5075E tractors, we’re enabling more farmers access to the benefits of autonomy,” expressed Craig Rupp, CEO and founder of Sabanto. “This addition is part of our mission to offer a cost-effective solution to farmers that is brand agnostic, simple to use and adds more hours to an operator’s work day.”

Sabanto Steward™ now accommodates a diverse range of tractor platforms, including the John Deere 5075E, John Deere 5100M, John Deere 5100E, Fendt 700 Vario and Kubota M5, with more platforms to be added throughout 2024.

Josh Morrow, COO of Super-Sod, highlighted the operational benefits, stating, “Sabanto’s compatibility with John Deere 5075E tractors will allow our organization to operate at peak efficiency. We can utilize our existing fleet of 5075E tractors to operate autonomously without the need of a DEF system, allowing us to maximize the value of our current capital. Without a doubt, Sabanto’s autonomy will transform the way we perform our daily operations.”

Commercial availability of the Sabanto Steward 5075E retrofit kit is available through Sabanto’s elite dealer network of precision ag specialists across the United States and Canada. Sabanto dealers serve customers at the local level, ensuring customers receive first-class purchasing guidance and technical support.

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