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Precision Farming Dealer Summit

Adopting an Agronomic Mindset in the Precision Department

3 precision farming experts share how they’ve paired agronomy with their precision farming business to provide solutions for the customer.
As precision farming departments at farm equipment dealerships evolve, adding agronomic services has been somewhat of a natural progression. But, generating recurring revenue from agronomic services can be a challenge.
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Bridging the Hardware Gap: Adding Agronomic Services

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #14
The roundtable topic of adding agronomic services drew a large crowd. To kick the conversation off, moderator John Marshall, integrated solutions manager for Wade Inc., took a quick poll to get a feel for how many in the room currently offered agronomy services. Of the 30 or so who sat in on this roundtable, roughly 20% had hired an agronomist.
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Full-Time Dealer Agronomists: Western Sales’ ‘Eureka’ Moment

This innovator shares this Deere dealership’s reasons for entering agronomy in 2010 (today with 6 ‘in-house’ agronomists) and their trademarked services for data management, field zoning, prescriptions and scouting.
The reason we got into agronomic services 6 years ago was after a good equipment customer of ours made the decision to get into an air drill with variable-rate seeding capability. He’d gone to an independent agronomist who developed a seeding prescription with both a nutrient and seed variation. When that farmer took that prescription, got into the cab and plugged it in as he was told to do, it didn’t work.
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To the Point

An Issue of Opportunities

Last summer I was invited to speak to a farm equipment dealership’s sales team on new opportunities in the farm equipment business. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it, but the fact that managers at the dealership were intentionally addressing the subject of new opportunities told me a lot about that organization.
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PFD Summit: Choosing a Profitable Path for Delivery of Data Management Service

With multiple entry points into this growing segment of precision farming business, 3 dealers share their strategies for creating a sustainable source of revenue.
Choosing a practical entry point into delivery of data management service is a mystery for many farm equipment dealers. Figuring out a method for making it a profitable part of their business is even more of an enigma.
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[Webinar] Bridging the Precision Gap: Integrating Agronomic Service for Profit

During this webinar, Devin Dubois, vice president of integrated solutions at Western Sales in Rosetown, Sask., detailed the implementation, challenges and results of adding agronomic service to Western Sales' precision business, as well as key considerations for dealers looking at adding agronomic service. [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with a free user account.]
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