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Developing Leaders Takes Time but Yields Big Results

Management consultant Zach Hetterick encourages dealerships to cultivate leaders within the organization to improve company culture.

Zach Hetterick wants more people to focus on leadership development within their organization.

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Premier Equipment’s Brett Barriage Talks Defining and Refining Leadership

Brett Barriage discusses how he and Premier Equipment view, determine and refine leadership.
In order to make one’s dealership better, investing in leaders is crucial. Brett Barriage, CEO of Premier Equipment, a 10-store John Deere dealership based in Ont., discussed this during the first of a two-part leadership development presentation at the 2018 Western Equipment Dealers Assn. (WEDA) International Dealer Conference, Scottsdale, Ariz.
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Wider World of Business

The False Choice Between Top-Down and Bottom-Up Leadership

While some leaders religiously stick to being either a traditional top-down leader who believes in the organizing power of clear chains of command, or a collaborative, bottom-up leader who puts more faith in flat organizations, Mark Lukens claims that few complex challenges faced can ever be managed using just one leadership style.
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Clay Camp
Dealership Minds

Coming Back to the Dealership

For Clay Camp, son of Clayton Camp, president and co-owner of Kern Machinery, working in the family business at the farm equipment dealership was always the goal. After numerous summers spent helping out at the dealership while in high school, Clay knew he liked the atmosphere and always pictured himself returning to the dealership.
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The Next Generation

Dealers Need a Paradigm Shift to Meet Today’s ‘Leadership’ Needs

Communication and people skills far outweigh technical and product competency when it comes to selecting top managers today.

The retail side of the farm equipment business will need to undergo a significant transition on how it has traditionally viewed the skillset required to manage a dealership. The rapid consolidation of dealerships has already forced a paradigm shift from a “manager” model to a “leader” model with the biggest dealer groups. But that transformation will also need to take place with the smaller dealer groups — those in the 1-5 store category — if they hope to profitably compete in this increasingly demanding business.

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The Next Generation

Workshop: CapEx Drives Dealership Values

Covering an array of succession planning themes in their opening workshop, consultants Owen and Mast advocated capital reinvestment for immediate, and long-term, results.
Tom Owen and Nick Mast opened the Dealership Minds Summit with a 90-minute workshop on “Strategies for Capital Access & Transitional Wealth Management in Equipment Dealerships.”
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