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4 Steps to Turn Used Equipment Into Cashflow

Consultant Dr. Jim Weber urges dealers to buy smart, limit reconditioning, be attentive to sales mix and compensate sales on what matters most.
There is cash in used iron, and for most farm equipment dealers that pre-owned inventory represents the path to the overall health and lifeblood of their business. Dr. Jim Weber, a 40-year veteran consultant and trainer in the farm and construction equipment industry, says an on-going survey of large volume dealers in Canada shows used equipment turn rates — and corresponding positive cashflow rates — have fallen by about a third since 2012 as many dealers have been busy selling new equipment, with wholegood transactions averaging 81-82% of their dealership’s total sales.
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Ask the Expert

Where Does Inventory Management Start?

The following blog by industry expert Casey Seymour is part of the Ask the Expert: Remarketing Used Equipment series, sponsored by Iron Solutions.
Inventory management has become extremely important for larger dealer groups with tens of millions of dollars in inventory and millions of dollars at risk. But even for smaller dealerships where the dollars at stake are smaller, inventory management is still vital.
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Charlie Glass

May 2016 U.S. Tractor & Combine Sales Analysis

For the largest categories of tractors and for combines the general economy certainly has an indirect effect upon sales activity at the dealerships. Rising commodity prices, a boon for farmers, ranchers and dealers, is reflected in an increased grocery bill for the consumer and is often accompanied by a resistance to paying the higher price for premium items.
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[Webinar] Drivers of the Business: Financial Metrics for the Non-CPA

During this webinar, Mike Hedge reviews how basic financial statements fit together and what they measure. He also introduces a few key metrics that he believes are key to helping dealers maintain a healthy business for the long run. This live event took place at 2:00 p.m. CDT on April 26, 2016. [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with a free user account.]
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