Let’s talk big square balers.

I saw a very nice 2011 model Massey Ferguson 2150, one owner, only produced 7,800 bales, sell for $51,000 at a farm auction in northeast Iowa on Saturday  (July 22, 2017). Here’s a picture of it:


How does $51,000 compare to other 2150’s sold at auction recently? Here’s a look:

Recent Auction Prices on Massey Ferguson/Hesston 2150 Big Square Balers


Now we have a handle on the “hard cash” what’s it worth if I have to sell it tomorrow angle, what about the buyer demand side of things? Here’s info from our Machinery Pete “Dealer Center” analytics dashboard:

Big Square Baler Category Analytics

  • Search traffic to dealer listings last 30 days vs. 60 days ago: Up 23.7%
  • Search traffic to dealer listings last 30 days vs. 90 days ago:  Up 25.3%
  • Number of big square balers for sale by dealers now vs. 90 days ago: Up 22.7%

So more big square balers are on the dealer lot for sale and more farmer search traffic is viewing them now vs. the past 60 and 90 days. Here’s a look at big square balers sold at auction the past two months:

Recent Auction Prices on Big Square Balers


Currently we have 541 Big Square Balers listed for sale at www.machinerypete.com. Click here to view: https://www.machinerypete.com/listings/hay-and-forage/big-square-balers.

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