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College Recruitment Programs Help Alleviate Hiring Crunch

Two dealership representatives share their strategies for working with local colleges to recruit and train employees with skills, knowledge and dedication.

It’s not uncommon for farm equipment dealerships to seek to expand their reach by opening new stores across their region or even throughout the country. However, doing so successfully requires hiring quality employees who can support that growth

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Developing Leaders Takes Time but Yields Big Results

Management consultant Zach Hetterick encourages dealerships to cultivate leaders within the organization to improve company culture.

Zach Hetterick wants more people to focus on leadership development within their organization.

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Business Technology Special Report

Increased Cyber Threats Require Dealers to Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Knowledge of current government regulations and up-to-date data security plans are key to ensuring that customer and manufacturer data is protected.
As agricultural products and services have become more technologically oriented in the past decade, customers’ expectations and concerns about privacy and data security have also evolved.

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Customer Perspective

Technological Advancements Can Help Farmers Better Understand Their Land

Third-generation farmer Trey Hill looks to a future in which he’s equipped with tools that will help him improve his data analysis in order to increase yield and maintain soil health.

Trey Hill isn’t sure what the future of farming has in store, but he is positive about one thing. “I’m a firm believer in utilizing technology, and I think that’s going to play a big role in how I manage my farm,” he says.

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Precision Farming Dealer Summit 2021 Recap

Change is Key to Survival for Precision Farming Dealers

When faced with the challenges of a tumultuous year, Arlin Sorensen advises business owners to leverage new opportunities and chart a path to success.

Entrepreneur Arlin Sorensen understands that taking risks and embracing uncertainty can be intimidating. However, he believes those actions are the key to success for business owners — especially right now.

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Working with Your OEM to Move Used Inventory

Scott Hoober, owner, Hoober Inc., has leveraged his OEM relationship to help manage their used equipment. inventory.
When it comes to moving used equipment, Scott Hoober believes a collaborative approach is best. The owner of Hoober Inc., a 9-store Case IH dealership based in Intercourse, Pa., knows it’s important to work with the team at his dealership, but he takes it a step further.
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9 Tips for Successfully Selling Used Equipment Overseas

Dealers offer advice on how to get involved in moving used equipment internationally, but warn that it does come with risks.
Dealers who are looking for more options for moving their used equipment inventory may want to consider overseas buyers. However, not everyone is sure where to begin with such an endeavor, or what it takes to begin the process.
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