The following article is based on Fred Titensor and Ryan Polete's presentation at the 2019 Dealership Minds Summit. To watch the presentation, click here.

“It was the best of plans; it was the worst of plans.” 

To borrow from the words of Charles Dickens’, what may seem a no-brainer for the company’s well-being may feel like a penalty for the greenback-motivated salesman. In fact, there’s a long-standing joke (and heard again at the 2019 Dealership Minds Summit) that most salespeople would rather have someone “messing around with their spouse than messing with their compensation package.” 

That was acknowledged by Fred Titensor (Valley Implement) and Ryan Polete (H&R Agri-Power). In fact, Polete emerged from the sales ranks to Sales Manager, and admitted he was “right there” in the camp unhappy with the changes at the time, just as everyone tends to be.

The sales compensation plans at these very different dealerships — Valley Implement (4 locations) and H&R Agri-Power (17 stores) — are detailed below, as well as the reasons behind each plan’s selection.

Valley Implement’s Sales Comp Plan

H&R Agri-Power’s Sales Comp Plan 

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