Question: Does your dealership participate in programs where service parts orders placed with the OEM are shipped directly to the dealership from the manufacturer of the parts (direct ship)?

Question: If yes, would you like to see more or less of these type of programs?

Question: What are the advantages/disadvantages of these programs?

  • “More. Advantage is cheaper price. Disadvantage is longer lead times.”
  • “Yes, it’s easy to move parts and not worry about depreciation and space.”
  • “Quicker delivery.”
  • “Great discounts.”
  • “Most of cost is passed on, but it’s quicker to receive if Deere stocks.”
  • “Better timeline and pricing strategies.”
  • “We get the product sooner; cuts out the middleman for problems.”
  • “It saves time for the customer, but it also opens up people to sell outside their normal area of operation.”
  • “Disadvantage is the lead time to get the parts.”
  • “Bigger discounts! Use as selling tools.”
  • “Volume purchasing discounts. I order more for higher discounts.”
  • “The OEM minimum order quantities and amounts are often too high for us to qualify for programs and discounts. Therefore, we turn to aftermarket sources.”
  • “Deal with too many OEMs and endless number of programs; impossible to track.”
  • “More tracking for us with more vendors shipping things.
  • More coordination at the dealer level.”
  • “Can handle lots of lines through one supplier.”
  • “Takes too long to direct ship. Deere doesn’t stock so when you run out you wait.”
  • “Problems with orders are more difficult to handle.”
  • “Too much at one time to handle. We pre-sell from these orders to build sales.”

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