Opportunities for Dealers, Manufacturers with Growing Strip-Till Practice (PDF)


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For years, there has been anecdotal evidence that there are pockets of strip-till growth, a niche that began to be commercially served by manufacturers in the 1990s. 

Evidence comes from both the farm and the dealership levels, with local ambassadors for the practice promoting the benefits and converting neighbors and customers. These are encouraging stories that reinforce the commitment strip-tillers make, along with the challenges they face and rewards they earn. 

Succeeding in this niche market goes beyond simply selling the equipment. It requires changes from both the dealer, the manufacturer and the grower.

The objective of this report is to create a “how to” guide for dealers and manufacturers not yet operating within the strip-till market and provide them with insights from farmers and dealers on what it means to carry, sell and service strip-till equipment.

Some highlights from the report include:

Part 1: Putting Strip-Till Business Potential in Perspective This section examines the basics of what it means to sell strip-till equipment, including potential hurdles with customers, the importance of expertise and a regional breakdown of where strip-tillers are located in the U.S. 

Part 2: Supporting Strip-Till Requires More than a Mechanical Mindset This section discusses what is required from dealers and manufacturers beyond knowledge of the equipment to succeed in the strip-till space, particularly the importance of understanding the entire strip-till farming process from beginning to end.

Part 3: What it Takes to Succeed as a Strip-Till Dealer Here, the report explains how dealers should move from their first strip-till sale to building a robust business in the strip-till arena, including the importance of educating farmers and how selling strip-till equipment can boost precision sales.

Part 4: Analyzing Data on Strip-Till Farmers This section examines data from the 8th Annual Strip-Till Farmer Benchmark Study, including a breakdown of how farmers setup their strip-till rigs, when they strip-till, what their average yields are and how what strip-till brands they prefer.

This report also includes a comparative evaluation compiled by Ag Equipment Intelligence contributor Heather Hetterick of leading strip-till manufacturers, including information on unit configurations, toolbar linkage, fertilizer system options and complimentary product offerings.

Get your copy of this just-released report today and read it cover-to-cover. There’s no other report of its kind anywhere, because no one else has the depth of data and expertise to cover trends in dealership growth opportunities like Ag Equipment Intelligence.

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