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Farmers Say Price, Innovation Continues to Drive Shortline Equipment Purchases

A recent Farm Equipment survey found a majority of farmers believe shortlines have the edge over majorlines in both equipment price and customization.

In an effort to discover what exactly drives farmers to purchase equipment from shortline manufacturers instead of their majorlines, Farm Equipment surveyed nearly 240 farmers about their shortline equipment ownership, including their preferred brands and what drove them to purchase the equipment.

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Psychologically Speaking: Why Are Customers Loyal To Your Dealership? [Webinar]

The cliché is that customer service can be the differentiator between you and your competitors. But there is more — much more. Research is now telling us there are 10 psychological motivators that serve as the glue to bond your customers to your dealership. Learn more by participating in this insightful webinar. [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with a free user account.]
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Dealers See Mixed Bag of Brand Loyalty & Dealer Loyalty

Though dealers surveyed in 2020 indicated the lowest rate of decrease in brand loyalty yet, many also saw farmers more willing to prioritize quality dealer service over staying loyal to a specific color.
In addition to canvasing growers, Farm Equipment editors reached out to several dealers to ask how they perceived brand loyalty to have changed in recent years.
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Is Farmers’ Traditional Loyalty to Ag Equipment Colors Fading?

The loyalty that farmers hold for their preferred brand of ag equipment took a sharp turn downward in 2020. Is this a reflection of how they feel today about the equipment itself or are their changing attitudes based on the general malaise in the ag industry?
Since the editors of Farm Equipment and Ag Equipment Intelligence launched the first brand loyalty study of farm machinery in late 2010 and followed it up with subsequent studies in 2014 and 2017, the allegiance and positive perception that farmers held for “their brand” continually grew.
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Finding the Opportunity in the Difficult

Spring 2020 is going to be a spring that we remember and one that brought business challenges unlike any we’ve experienced before. But crops still got planted, parts purchased and equipment serviced. There have been challenges indeed, but those challenges have brought opportunities to connect with your customers in different ways and also fine tune some processes.
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Quantifying Brand Loyalty

We know from experience that farmers can be resolute in their steadfast dedication to certain equipment colors. When we initiated our first Ag Equipment Brand Loyalty study in 2010, we wanted to find out if what we were hearing from dealers and others about farmer brand loyalty was true. So, we surveyed a couple of thousand Midwestern farmers to gauge their feelings about brand loyalty. Are they or aren’t they?
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