My thought routine was recently interrupted with this impression, “Listen – for what you don’t hear.”  Taking a few moments to ponder, I realized that what was being afforded me was an opportunity to consider deeply, those things from which I have been spared, things that I am NOT hearing. 

I am not hearing my children and grandchildren whimpering in their beds because they’re hungry.  I do not hear the rattle of gunfire on the street near my house. I am not hearing a funeral director ask me probing questions regarding my preferences for end-of-life services for my son or daughter. I don’t hear the steel-on-steel collision of a cell door slammed behind me or someone close to me emphasizing the painful fact of separation for the first Christmas away from family. I am not hearing the wail of sirens on emergency vehicles arriving at the site of an accident where I have sustained life-impacting injuries. The list is nearly endless…

Innumerable life occurrences like these can present challenges for us and others we know and love, every day. When we navigate them, we are deeply thankful for the faith in God which sustains us. In the wonderful times that we are Providentially spared from these things, we are given great opportunities to thank God for His amazing protection and provisions! 

This Thanksgiving season and always, think about what you are NOT hearing, and Give Thanks!