New Holland’s new Speedrower self-propelled windrowers allow producers to travel faster and get the job done quicker than ever before while providing the industry-leading power, control, comfort and performance producers have come to expect from New Holland.

More Speed in New Holland Speedrower Self-Propelled Windrower“In hay and grain fields, New Holland’s new Speedrower self-propelled windrowers provide unsurpassed productivity with the highest speed and smoothest operation in the industry,” says Michael Cornman, Dairy and Livestock Market Segment Leader.

IntelliSteer integrated Auto-Guidance

Speedrower windrowers now have integrated, factory-installed IntelliSteer auto-guidance. They can provide cutting accuracies from +/- 1 inch to 8 inches, eliminating pass-to-pass overlap in wide cutting and swathing applications. Guidance and steering are both controlled hydraulically, so there’s no delay in response due to wires, electronics and steering linkages used by other windrowers.

Improved Steering Control and Suspension

The new hydraulically controlled steering system eliminates mechanical steering linkages for simpler, more precise steering. Combined with New Holland’s best-in-class, patented independent rear axle suspension and Comfort Ride™ cab suspension, these new Speedrowers provide smooth, more responsive windrower handling and allows operators to increase their speed and efficiency on uneven terrain. Heavier designed tailforks provide increased structural integrity. Single cast arm supports with 16.5L tires provide a smooth ride over pivot irrigation or clearance when swathing tall fluffy windrows.

A factory-installed, three-range hydrostatic transmission option provides road speeds up to 24 mph — the fastest in the industry — so less time is spent on the road and more time cutting crop. There’s no need to change to “transport mode,” swivel the seat, or navigate the road looking over a large engine hood as with some other windrowers.

Independent Hydraulic Header Flotation and Drop Rate

The Speedrower 200/240 and all Speedrower 130 draper models are equipped with independent header flotation, which allows the operator to adjust flotation separately for the right and left side of the head, without leaving the cab. Non-draper Speedrower 130 models feature unified flotation, with left- and right-hand lift arms carrying the same setting. Head flotation and drop rate are adjusted independent of each other. The drop rate—how quickly the header lowers to the ground—is factory set, but also has a 1 to 10 user preference setting, making this important feature more user-friendly.

Prairie Special and Draper-Ready Upgrades

A new hydraulic system on Prairie Special and draper-ready equipped Speedrower Series windrowers and matched with DuraSwath™ draper heads provide increased power to the knife, draper and reel circuits. The split hydraulic system features two oversized 40-gallon-per-minute (gpm) piston pumps, allowing the knife to run on one circuit and the draper belts and reel to run on another. This eliminates pressure downstream and provides more available hydraulic horsepower, reducing the need for overall tractor horsepower and thereby lowering fuel usage. In-cab speed sensors come standard, allowing the operator to view the knife, reel, and draper belt circuit speeds directly on the monitor. On draper-ready models, a lift arm position sensor provides a header height readout on the display. If multiple operators operate the same machine, owners can set and lock the flotation adjustment to the setting they prefer.

Power Down Lift Arm Function

Headers can be removed and attached more easily by hydraulically lowering the header lift arms to remove the header without the need to handle manually. This power down option allows a single person to change heads easily and speed to the next field.


Speedrower 130

Speedrower 200

Speedrower 240

Engine  cubic inch (L)

274 (4.5)  4 cylinder

411 (6.7) 6 cylinder

411 (6.7) 6 cylinder

Rated horsepower hp (kW)

126 (94) @ 2300 rpm

190 (142) @ 2200 rpm

226 (168) @ 2200 rpm