New Holland’s new Speedrower self-propelled windrowers are raising the bar with best-in-class comfort, horsepower and efficiency, thanks to upgrades to the cab, fuel efficiency and the latest Tier 4 Final engine offering.

New Holland Speedrower Windrower“We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of innovative New Holland windrower technology with the new Speedrower models, which not only set the industry standard for productivity, but look great with new updated styling. Now producers will be able to take advantage of the proven ECOBlue engine technology that has been taking on the toughest jobs in New Holland tractors for over 4 years,” says Michael Cornman, Dairy and Livestock marketing segment leader.

ECOBlue Tier 4 Final Engines Tuned for Performance, Not Just Emissions
The new Tier 4 Final engines in the Speedrower Series offer increased power and performance combined with improved fuel efficiency — all in a cleaner-burning engine that’s built New Holland SMART. New Holland achieves Tier 4 Fianl with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system using diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) Canister.

The new Tier 4 Final engines, combined with the programmable throttle which allows the operator to set the exact engine speed needed, lead to maximum fuel efficiency that results in decreased operating costs.

Compared to the Tier 3 Speedrower units, the new 4-cylinder Speedrower 160 achieves a 20% increase in horsepower, while the 6-cylinder Speedrower 220 and 260 units increase engine horsepower by 10%. 

Fuel usage is also significantly reduced: comparing the 6-cylinder Tier 3 Speedrower 130/H8040 to the Speedrower 260 Tier 4 Final unit, fuel usage is reduced by 16% and the average operating cost drops by 11% (DEF costs included). For the 4-cylinder unit, the savings are even more dramatic:  the Tier 4 Final unit demonstrated a 37% drop in fuel usage and a 34% reduction in average operating cost.

More Cooling Capacity Results in Increased Horsepower and Fuel Efficiency
Cooling capacity on Speedrowers has been expanded resulting in increased Tier 4 Final horsepower and fuel efficiency. Larger than previous models, the rotary air screen is made of steel and creates a tight seal, resulting in better performance. Cooler fuel burns more efficiently, capturing more horsepower from every gallon of fuel.

Deluxe Cab is Standard Equipment
The latest Speedrower Series features unrivaled control and comfort with a deluxe cab that’s standard equipment. Combined with New Holland’s best-in-class, patented independent rear axle suspension and Comfort Ride cab suspension, these new Speedrower windrowers provide smooth, responsive windrower handling that allows operators to increase their speed on uneven terrain. Superior control is achieved with New Holland’s unique steering control and industry-leading CommandGrip multi-function handle, which puts essential machine functions right at the operator’s fingertips.

A new, optional Delphi satellite-capable radio with Bluetooth technology provides the latest hands-free communication and entertainment technology.

QuickMax Knife-Change System
Now available as an option, the new industry-leading QuickMax knife-change system reduces the time required to replace or flip knives by a third. The redesigned rock guard and unique patented knife nut design make servicing the knives quick and easy.

“This year, New Holland celebrates 50 years of Speedrower innovation,” says Cornman. “Although a lot has changed on these windrowers through the years, one thing has not: producers can still depend on proven productivity, reliability, and performance,” says Cornman.