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According to the November 2011 Ag Equipment Intelligence Dealer Trends & Business Outlook report, farm equipment manufacturers were not as aggressive with their incentives to increase sales in October as they were in November.

A net 7% of dealers report that manufacturers were less aggressive with incentives in October — 11% more aggressive, 70% same, 19% less aggressive — compared to September. This is a reversal from the last month where dealers reported manufacturers were more aggressive with incentive programs.

In fact, in the 7 months that Ag Equipment Intelligence and Cleveland Research Co. began tracking dealer sentiments on a monthly basis, in only 2 of those months dealers reported that manufacturers were more aggressive in offering sales incentives. In all likelihood, this is a good indication of the continuing strong sales of ag machinery in 2011 where incentives weren't necessary to stoke retail sales.

The October survey had 245 respondents representing combined annual revenues of roughly $7.5 billion.

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