Krone N.A. Inc. is changing its business model in the Western United States. With the opening of a new Western headquarters, Krone is dedicating more space and more personnel to the service of their dealers.

Krone's business has grown significantly in the Western U.S. since the release of their BiG product line in the early 2000s. According to George Kilbride, Western Region Manager, "The reorganization is in response to the explosive growth Krone has experienced in the Western U.S. over the past few years. The company realized that in order to support and sustain this pace of growth a new approach to the market was required — a total commitment."

The first step of this total commitment is opening a new 50,000-square-foot Western headquarters in Reno, Nev. on December 1, 2009. The headquarters will house sales, service and parts staff. It will also serve as the sales and service training hub for Western region dealers.

"The new training facility will make it more convenient and less expensive for our dealers to receive training on Krone products," explains Gary Thompson, Krone's Chief Operating Officer. Currently dealers are required to travel to Krone's North American headquarters in Memphis, Tenn. for training.

The new Reno facility will serve as the primary parts warehouse for dealers in the West. That means reduced shipping costs and faster delivery times for all parts shipments. "This allows us to stock items critical to machine operation that a dealer may not stock due to low turnover or high cost," explains Kilbride. Krone's commitment to parts will further insure that the proper parts are in stock by dealers and by Krone at all times.

The opening of the new facility will coincide with a new business model for Krone in the Western US. The current model relies on one Territory Manager per territory, a common practice in the industry. Krone will move away from the traditional territory concept relying instead on specialized personnel in the areas of Business Management and Product Management.

Krone Business Managers, as described by Kilbride, "will be focused on the business and administrative aspects of our relationship with dealers. Account management, inventory control, forecasting and business planning will be key focus items."

Krone Product Managers will be responsible for advancing Krone Products in the market. Utilizing an extensive level of product knowledge they will actively train and educate their dealers and customers on Krone BiG Line Products. "Their role is to increase sales and market share through an expanded level of product training,
product demonstrations and customer meetings," explains Thompson.

Instead of a dedicated territory, each business manager and product manager will be assigned communication and contact responsibility for specific groups of Krone dealers. This allows for operational flexibility and the ability to send specialized field staff where needed, when needed without the constraints of territory lines.

Krone's total commitment reaches to all Krone Dealers in North  America. Now with the Western expansion and a higher degree of specialization in the field staff, Krone feels the capability to support its dealer network will be greatly enhanced.

Krone North America, Inc. is an industry leader in hay and forage equipment. Their line-up includes disc mowers, disc mower conditioners, tedders, rotary rakes, round balers, BiG Pack large square balers, BiG M self-propelled mower conditioners and BiG X forage harvesters. Krone is over 100 years old and has been in North America for 36 years. To learn more about Krone and their products, visit