Case IH unveiled more than a dozen new tractors, planters, sprayers, balers, windrowers and other equipment this week with an eye toward offering customers additional horsepower, efficiency and technology benefits.

At a media event Wednesday in Denver, the Racine, Wis.-based major released 18 new models that use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology alone to meet strict Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

All of the equipment should be available to dealers for ordering.

“Achieving the Tier 4 final standard was a colossal challenge, but Case IH has had fewer challenges than most because we determined early on that our patented SCR solution was the right choice and haven’t had to change direction,” says Kyle Russell, Case IH’s senior director of marketing. “We’ve been able to meet the standard while still developing class-leading horsepower and efficiency in multiple equipment lines.”

The Case IH FPT SCR-only solution treats the exhaust flow downstream, and after the combustion process from the engine, so the engine can generate maximum power without adding any complexity or compromising efficiency. There are no additional emissions systems or operational changes from Case IH Tier Interim to Tier 4 Final equipment.

New models in the Steiger, Puma and Magnum tractor lines were unveiled Wednesday in Denver by Case IH. The tractors meet Tier 4 Final emission standards.

The company told ag media this week that eight patents allowed Case IH’s Tier 4 Final system to deliver 95% NOx conversion efficiency, while competitive SCR systems provide only 80-85% efficiency and require a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and/or exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). Many EGR engines also require shortened or additional maintenance intervals for oil changes and filter regeneration.

The company says its next-generation FPT engines continues to offer the industry’s longest oil-change intervals at 600 hours, minimal service requirements and more reliability due to lower exposure to soot and carbon that is put back into the engine.

Case IH vice president Jim Walker said when Tier 4 Interim standards were met, the company was able to offer new Magnum and Steiger tractors with improved fuel efficiency as a benefit to farmers.

“When you go to Tier 4 Final standards, there’s not a lot of benefit to the producer,” Walker says. “We will be able to hold on to fuel efficiency. Being able to reach that last mandate of government emission standards won’t be major benefit to the farmer, but it will be a cost.”

Here’s a roundup of the new products Case IH unveiled this week with Tier 4 Final technology, and several other new equipment lines from the manufacturer. Click on the links to read news releases with additional details.

• Highest Horsepower Tractor Available

The new Case IH Steiger lineup offers the highest-horsepower tractor available with power growth to 682 horsepower.

The Steiger 620 has upgraded features in the cab and is available in Quadtrac and HD wheeled versions. The company says the Steiger 620 places more power to the ground effectively, with less total field compaction.

• Highest-Horsepower Tracked Row Crop Tractor

Case IH’s new Rowtrac 500 adds 50 more horsepower to the Rowtrac line and introduces a wider track undercarriage.

The wider undercarriage will accommodate 24- and 30-inch tracks, applying less ground pressure on the soil between rows.

The new option will be available on Rowtrac models from 350 horsepower to the new 500-horsepower model.

• New Magnum Models Offer Power, Fuel Efficiency, Ease of Use

With the ultimate mix of industry-leading horsepower, fuel efficiency and easy-to-use controls, the new Magnum lineup tops off at 380 horsepower, with 435 rated peak horsepower.

A new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) configuration for high-horsepower machines improves the machine’s mechanical efficiency to make the best use of available power.

• Patriot Sprayers Offer More Horsepower, Better Spray Control

The new Case IH Patriot 3240 and 3340 sprayers offer more horsepower and new options for spray control.

One new option gives operators improved spray accuracy across the field. The new AIM Command PRO spray system provides individual nozzle control, allowing nozzles to turn on and off individually rather than by entire boom sections.

This technology minimizes overspray and overlaps, preventing over application and the resulting crop damage.

• State-of-the-Art Draper and Corn Heads

New Case IH 3152 and 3162 draper heads offer in-cab deployment of the low-speed transportation system. The 3162 flex draper also has an easy-to-use, in-cab cutterbar control option that follows ground contours more closely.

The center-mounted knife drive – called CentraCut – improves header balance as the head is driven from the center. This increases performance and minimizes vibration across the cutterbar. The CentraCut design also enables narrow end dividers, which reduce crop knockdown and improves grain savings.

The new Case IH 4400 and 4200 corn heads include heavy-duty drives engineered for high-speed harvest and high-yielding corn hybrids. They also have high-capacity gathering chains, larger stalk rolls and longer stalk-roll knives.

• Early Riser 5 Series Planters Deliver Higher Yield Potential

The new Early Riser 5 Series planters include updated meter drives, seed monitoring and bulk-fill systems.

The all-new AccuStat seed-sensing system allows farmers to monitor and map detailed seed spacing information live on AFS Pro 700 displays. The seed sensor provides greater accuracy while allowing continuous monitoring and immediate adjustments to maintain seed placement consistency on a per-row basis.

The Advanced Seed Meter singulation-adjustment system lets farmers make individual row adjustments to optimize spacing without making planter-wide changes in speed, vacuum or pressure, or down-pressure that might slow down productivity in terms of acres covered per hour.

The AccuStat system monitors seed singulation, skips and multiples and also provides the spacing coefficient of variation (CV) that gives farmers the ability to compare the quality of spacing between different rows, speeds and populations. AccuStat accurately monitors most seed crops.

Redesigned bulk fill delivery enhancements for models 1245, 1255 and 1265 make filling easier and allow producers to make fewer stops. The bulk-fill system can deliver challenging seed sizes, such as sunflowers and sweet corn, adding productivity for customers who might have purchased on-row hoppers for these crops.

The new AccuDrive seed meter cable drive systems have been built for efficient, trouble-free service

• Expanded Lineup Of Livestock, Hay and Forage Equipment

Case IH introduced the first windrower with factory-installed auto guidance, redesigned draper headers, disc-mower conditioners designed to speed up dry down, and a durable round baler designed to minimize losses.

Redesigned Case IH WD3 series windrowers are the first in the industry to offer a factory-installed auto-guidance system managed through the Case IH AFS Pro 700 control center to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue.

Case IH DH3 series draper headers for windrowers help producers cover more acres faster and more efficiently with an all-new 40-foot header. A shallow, angled top section offers higher throughput capacity, crop feeding and crop flow.

Crop quality is also protected through the draper heads’ agronomic design. A two-circuit hydraulic system offers more consistent flow and power across the header, so producers get more even crop feed, resulting in more consistent, well-formed windrows.

Improved crop feeding is also assisted by an all-new, heavy-duty frame design with larger reel arms and increased strength.

New Case IH DC3 series disc mower conditioners are designed to improve dry down for better hay quality and higher profits. A new cutterbar design with wide discs cuts closer and cleaner, getting more hay in windrows and leaving less hay in the field. Larger-diameter discs improve crop flow and windrow consistency.

The new RB565 provides 20% more capacity than previous models. The new overshot feeder between the pick-up and bale chamber creates a quick and even feed of material into the bale chamber. The new roller windguard and five bar pick-up comb the crop off the ground for fast and even feeding.

The baler has also been made easier to operate with the Case IH ISOBUS-compliant control system. The baler can now be run through the AFS Pro 700 display in tractors, providing a simpler layout with the large touch-screen monitor.


• Six New Puma Models Feature Enhanced Cab

Ranging from 150 to 240 horsepower, six new Puma models are available with CVT or power-shift transmissions. Like the Tier 4 Final Steiger and Magnum, cab controls have been updated, with a redesigned multi-control handle with raised and ergonomically shaped, backlit buttons.

The updated cab also features a headliner with air-conditioning controls and three additional storage slots, electric and heated mirrors, a tinted rear windshield and a storage net below the passenger seat. A Bluetooth radio option is also available.

• New 140 Series Axial-Flow Combines Deliver More Horsepower

New Case IH Axial-Flow 140 series combines now offer up to 410 horsepower — 60 more horsepower than previous models.

Now available with eight halogen lights on the outside of the cab, these combines are also equipped with a new spreader option that allows the operator to adjust spread distance from the cab.

The chopper counter knife bank can also be adjusted from the cab, and the knife bank retracts when the combine is placed in emergency mode.