Harristown, Ill. – The Great Game of Business, Inc. inducted Jenner Ag into the Hall of Fame at its Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, on September 10, 2021. 

Each year the Great Game community honors and celebrates the achievements of companies from around the globe that have fully embraced the principles of open-book management and demonstrated outstanding results. The Hall of Fame honors organizations that have operated using the principles of open-book management for more than a decade with lasting, proven results, and have demonstrated a willingness to spread the word on open-book management in order to help others succeed.

“After 10 years of Great Game play, it’s a true accomplishment to be a member of the Hall of Fame,” says Steve Jones, President of Jenner Ag. “We have learned so much along the way about how all associates can be taught to understand the financial numbers behind the business and have seen how that understanding can make huge impacts on the direction of financials.”

Jenner Ag is celebrating its 60th year of business and its tenth year as a Great Game of Business company. The company is one of the Great Game’s few two-time All-Star Award winners and has been nominated for multiple consecutive years.

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