Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan: The State of Farm Technology in the Commonwealth of Independent States (PDF)


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(Published 2008) The main agricultural areas of the Confederation of Independent States — the former Soviet Union — have come a long way in improving their agricultural practices in the last decade. Nonetheless, they remain 30-40 years behind the developed countries of the West.

Despite the economic difficulties and political issues that brought trade in the former Soviet states to an abrupt halt this past year, ag equipment makers John Deere, CNH Global, AGCO and other major manufacturers from Europe have announced major investments and initiatives in these countries to put themselves in a position to capture a share of these vital growth markets.

As one observer of the Russian economy put it: “At some point in the next 15 years or so, Russia will have a 5-year growth spurt when everything comes together and they will have 9% to 10% compounded growth.”

This baseline study of state of the farming and the ag equipment industry in the CIS provides an in-depth look at the potential for doing business in the this huge and fertile region of the world.

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