Harristown, Ill. — Jenner Ag has been nominated for a Great Game of Business All-Star Award for the fifth consecutive time.

The All-Star Award recognizes companies around the world who have chosen to fully embrace the practice of open-book management through the Great Game of Business and have seen extraordinary results. The Great Game of Business, Inc. helps companies educate themselves by implementing open-book management practices outlined in the book The Great Game of Business.

To be nominated for an All-Star Award, a company must encompass a spirit of generosity while being on the leading edge of open-book management policy. “We really appreciate yet another All-Star Nomination from the Great Game of Business”, says Steve Jones, CEO of Jenner Ag. “We continue to see the benefits the Great Game provides and will continue to aspire to grow and enhance our game play; I believe it’s the only way to run a company."

Jenner Ag is in its eighth year as a Great Game of Business company. In that time, they have received six nominations for various awards and are two-time winners. The Great Game of Business All-Star Award will be presented at the 27th Annual Gathering of Games, the world’s largest open-book management conference, September 4-6 in Dallas.

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