A recent interview with Krone America's Store Operations Manager Reuben Lowrey examined why the company has adopted the private store model and how it works for them.

Speaking about Krone's 6 private locations around the U.S. (located in Wisconsin, Idaho and California), Lowrey explains the rationale behind the decision to move forward with company-owned stores vs. outside dealers in these particular areas, saying it was a mix of both a need to fill an area of responsibility and the potential for opportunity.

"The one thing we find with our Krone America stores is that we can actually be in-step with those customers," he says. "We can be in their field. When a customer buys from one of our stores, they're really buying from Krone. And we have direct access to genuine Krone parts, our service technicians are trained by factory representatives. . .and it's all in order to best serve the customers and their fields."