In a recent interview with Farm Equipment, Dawn Equipment CEO Joe Bassett discussed his desire to set up company stores in the near future, pursuing a store model "more like Tesla's."

As part of his vision for the future of Dawn Equipment, a manufacturer of conservation tillage attachments and tillage implements, Bassett addresses what he calls the "$10 million dollar question:" how the company's shift toward full-line implement production will affect their dealership network. 

Bassett states that Dawn will continue to support its current network of planter attachment dealers but says that the addition of private, company stores is driven in part by the reality that majorline dealers will likely not carry Dawn's full-size equipment, as it competes with their majors.

He also adds that the growing usage of telematics in equipment will drive their need for company stores, saying that "telemetry is going to vastly change the relationship between manufacturers and end-users."