The North American divisions of Krone and Hustler Equipment have announced a collaborative concept — "From Field To Feed” — designed to deliver innovative, high-quality farm equipment to livestock farmers looking to improve forage quality. The collaboration will see Krone America help to distribute Hustler Equipment to farmers.

Krone focuses on hay and forage harvesting, with products that mow, condition, ted, rake, bale and chop the hay, while Hustler Equipment specializes in products for hay processing and feeding. Both brands are focused on developing and delivering better and more efficient ways of working with hay and forage, from harvesting to feeding.

“Farmers, ranchers and machinery dealers have told us our two brands have a lot in common, and that they complement each other, from harvesting to feeding the highest quality hay and forage. It just makes sense for our two companies to work together to make it easier for customers to buy and use our products.“ says Reuben Lowrey, store operations manager for Krone America. “We are both family-owned companies, managed by descendants of the founders. Thus, we can focus solely on our customers’ needs versus stockholder demands.”

The similarities between the two companies run deep. Both brands have retained a consistent set of values and maintained a focus on innovative products and customer care over multiple generations.

“Our companies have a lot to gain from each other’s experience. North America is one of the biggest territories in the world, covered by a large diversity of climates and topographies, agricultural challenges and farming methodologies,” explained Lance Paskewitz, Business Development Manager for Hustler Equipment North America. “Farmers and ranchers are a resilient bunch, and it is the manufacturers’ job to explore ways to better deliver the highest quality equipment possible to every customer’s individual needs.”