2024 'Big Dealer' Report

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The 'Big Dealer' Report is the most detailed source of information on ownership changes and consolidation trends of North America's largest farm equipment dealers.

Since 2011, the editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence in collaboration with the Machinery Advisors Consortium have compiled the annual "Big Dealer" Report to provide the ag equipment industry with a thorough, by-the-numbers analysis into the shifts in dealer ownership, along with insight into the implications these shifts have on the industry.

This report is the result of a yearlong, ongoing examination into the dealer landscape. We’ve painstakingly overturned all the stones to mine the most valuable data — obsessing to deeply understanding and translate it in a way that you can too.

With no shortage of depth and perspective, this report explores…

  • Details behind the changes among large dealerships
  • The most up-to-date North American "big dealer" merger and acquisition news
  • In-depth coverage of major dealer M&A events during the prior year
  • Commentary and perspective on emerging industry trends

In addition to a complete listing of "big dealers" by number of locations and major brand, you’ll also find a complete listing of shortline brands and other equipment carried by these ‘big dealers.”

The ‘Big Dealer’ Report has become a mainstay on the desks of dealer principals, manufacturers, lenders and other decision makers and stakeholders to use as a guidepost for mapping out how their business will fit into the changing farm equipment dealership landscape in the years ahead.

There’s no other report of its kind anywhere, because no one else has the depth of data and expertise to cover trends in dealership consolidation like Ag Equipment Intelligence.

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