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In this episode of the new Farm Equipment podcast, “Our Dealer Story” brought to you by HBS Systems, Editor/Publisher Mike Lessiter sits with Bill Garton, the third generation of the family to lead what has grown to be a 10-store New Holland and Kubota dealership in California. 

Their one-on-one conversation took place just moments before the Far West Equipment Dealers Association Board Meeting in Denver.

“My father said ‘you’re a dumb ***. You’re going to do this way up there, 3-4 hours away? You’re losing hundreds of thousands a year!’ But I thought it’d work. We gave it a shot and it’s very successful today... We didn’t have any big growth plans. There was no corporate or outside money. It’s just working hard and talented people making it work. It’s very simple.” 

In this colorful and entertaining interview, Garton recaps his 40 years in the business (the early 1980s were the ideal time to earn your chops, he says), how the dealership was one of the earliest to take a chance on the Japanese tractor everyone was laughing at, and how Ford Tractor stepped into acquire the business until Bill’s dad Bud could buy it back. And of course, the acronyms that Garton is known to drop into conversations.

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Farm Equipment's podcast series is brought to you by HBS Systems.

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