Compilation Managed By James DeGraff

With Mike Lessiter, Dave Kanicki, Kim Schmidt, Jack Zemlicka,
Lynn Woolf, Michael Ellis, Alan Stenum, Darren Foster & Alex Zank

At the onset of several of the face-to-face interviews we arranged for this special report, we were asked, “So, what are the ground rules of these ‘Conversations’ interviews?” Our reply was consistent ... “That the first and only rule was that there are no rules.”

The paired subjects discussed whatever they wanted to as they interviewed each other, and the Farm Equipment editors largely stayed out of the way, save for operating the recorders and the camera equipment. Occasionally a slight mediation on a difference of opinion was needed here and there, but the dialog was fascinating, insightful and in all but a few, the subjects would have gladly kept going had our editors’ schedules permitted it.

What follows on these pages is just a portion of what took place in those private conversations over the past few months.


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