SUMNER, Wash. — Over the past year, Washington Tractor Inc. has communicated its brand philosophy, character and personality as an organization through video storytelling. In the latest short video about its relationship with Trout Lake Farm in Ephrata, Washington Tractor helps bring awareness to the topic of precision farming, and how it is impacting farming practices on the global stage.

The new video, which is titled "Passion for Precision," tells the story of how and why timing and precision are crucial elements when every plant matters.

As Tyler Musson, corporate marketing manager for Washington Tractor Inc. noted, Trout Lake Farm is a great example of how a company's passion and innovation can make the impossible possible.

"Washington Tractor is honored to tell the unique story of our relationship and history with Trout Lake Farm and Nutrilite and its positive impact on the world agriculture stage," Musson said.

"Darwin, Phil, and the rest of the Trout Lake Farm and Nutrilite Agribusiness Operations are a great example of inspiration through perseverance."

Darwin Hintz, technology manager for Trout Lake Farm and Nutrilite Global Agribusiness Operations, said precision mechanized equipment technology, along with their relationship with Washington Tractor, are critical components in having a global impact and influence.

"Trout Lake Farm and Nutrilite Global Agriculture Operations represent the 'Best of Nature Best of Science' in modern organic agribusiness," Hintz said.

About Washington Tractor Inc.

Washington Tractor Inc. was established in November 2010 when three family-owned and operated John Deere Dealers became one. Liberty Farm and Lawn, North Washington Implement and Barnett Implement merged to become a 7-store operation. Over the years, Washington Tractor has become the largest power equipment dealer in Washington State. The company provides an enhanced product selection that includes John Deere, Honda and Stihl, while leveraging deep employee expertise and offering competitive pricing. For more information, visit