QUINCY, Wash. — Washington Tractor, a 12-store John Deere dealership in Washington State has hired legendary storytelling videographer Charley Voorhis to tell the history of the company, according to a report by BayStreet.ca. The video will capture the essence of the company and how it transformed from a one-store operation into a multi-location John Deere dealership.

"We're excited about our new relationship with Washington Tractor because farmers are the backbone of our country, and Washington Tractor has established themselves as a significant player in the farming industry statewide," said Charley Voorhis, owner of Voortex Productions. "Washington Tractor pairs their devotion to quality products and outstanding customer service with our style of authentic storytelling which will help awaken a sense of connection and pride for both employees and customers alike."

Washington Tractor was established in November 2010 when three, family-owned and operated John Deere dealers merged. Over the next three years, Washington Tractor would merge with and acquire other locations to become a five-family company.

"Our history, employees and customers have shaped us into the company we are today,' said Rick Hirai, COO of Washington Tractor. "I believe storytelling is a highly effective form of human connection, and we are confident that Charley and his team are the perfect fit to unify our team under one vision while also communicating to our local communities and customer's how much we value our relationships over the years."

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