We've come to the end of our countdown of the top headline from the farm equipment industry in 2015.

Here's the segment from #10 down to #1:

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10. Majors Led By Home-Run Seeking MBAs is Problem

9. On The Record: Deere Announces Acquisition of Precision Planting; Dealers React

8. From the Desk of Kim Schmidt: Order Takers Won’t Survive This Market

7. Dealership of the Year 2015: Ritchie Implement Inc. Cobb, Wis.

6. What is Needed in Developing a Plan for Capital Expenditures?

5. Wired Magazine - Deere Claims Through Copyright Office That Farmers Don't Own Their Tractors

4. Mitas Introduces PneuTrac Tire Concept

3. What is Vertical Tillage Anyway?

2. Titan Machinery Laying Off Workers and Closing Stores

1. The Rear-Fold Planter and the Battle that Ensued

Jump to:  1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40

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