Here's a list of the most popular items we've published at from the month of November. Continuing its time at the top of the list is a chapter from Jon Kinzenbaw's book, Fifty Years of Disruptive Innovation. The excerpt from the Kinzenbaw book shares his story behind John Deere's effort to squeeze Kinze Manufacturing out of the planter building business.

John Deere had a busy month with the acquisition of Precision Planting and Monosem and we followed up the announcement by dedicating an episode of On The Record to the impact of the announcements.

Also making the list is a call for you to encourage members of your sales department to be more than just order takers and a report that Titan Int'l CEO Maurice Taylor said South America could absorb used U.S. farm machinery:

1. The Rear-Fold Planter and the Battle that Ensued

2. On The Record: Deere Announces Acquisition of Precision Planting; Dealers React

3. From the Desk of Kim Schmidt: Order Takers Won't Survive this Market

4. CNH Issues Response to Deere’s Precision Planting Acquisition

5. On The Record: Case IH Responds to Precision Planting Acquisition

6. John Deere Answers Questions on Precision Planting Acquisition

7. All Eyes on Deere for a Glimpse at 2016

8. Titan Int'l CEO Says South America Could Absorb Used U.S. Farm Machinery

9. John Deere and The Climate Corp. Expand Precision, Digital Agriculture Options for Farmers

10. Deere Announces Agreement to Acquire Monosem

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