Ag Equipment Intelligence had reached out to Case IH corporate last week when the news about John Deere’s acquisition of Precision Planting broke. However, we did not here back in time to include CNH’s comments in our On The Record episode that covered the news about the acquisition.

However, today Dan Danford, public relations and sponsorship manager for Case IH, was able to respond to our request. According to Danford, the change in Precision Planting’s ownership will not impact current arrangements with CNH and Case IH dealers.

“The agreement between CNH Industrial and Precision Planting that licenses the use and supply of certain components at a competitive cost are not impacted by the change of control of Precision Planting,” he says. “And also, our agreements with Precision Planting also provide select CNH Industrial dealers the opportunity to carry Precision Planting components as part of their aftermarket parts offering. And just as with the component supply agreement, CNH Industrial’s rights are contractually preserved under any change of control.”

Danford adds, “And finally, this change of control of Precision Planting does not change our plans to continue to bring additional innovations to the planter market, with announcements planned in the near future.”