The year 2019 has been an interesting one. Research in the evaluation and consideration phases of the customer journey continues to grow for the small ag industry. We see that in our data we collect on these very niche people with Doppio.

Here is what Team SI discovered.

We saw a growth pattern in search activity EVERY MONTH that had us adjusting marketing plans almost weekly. It showcased the huge increase in your consumers searching for the “WHY should I buy” and what is the “best piece of equipment” and “what is the cheapest” and “where is the nearest” — all questions regarding ag equipment and dealerships.

Are your manufacturers heavily involved in the evaluation and consideration phases of the customer journey?

Consumers need to find the details they are seeking. And, it is hard for them to find. You might think that is a good thing to just get them in your store. It is a good thought, but not a good strategy. Loyalty in small ag begins in these phases of the customer journey. It does not start in your showroom.

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In “MAYhem,” we noticed an 88% increase in search impressions year-over-year (YOY). It was one of the biggest increases YOY I have ever seen in the history of collecting this data since 2004.

People were READING and WATCHING videos before coming into the dealership. Consumers visited up to six different websites before even stepping foot for the FIRST time in a dealership.

Almost 90% of the “new” small ag shoppers who stepped in your dealership knew more information on, for example, the ‘green’ piece of equipment than they did the previous year; they already knew the ‘orange’, ‘blue’, ‘red’ and any other color.

Your sales staff barely interacted with the consumers who came in, the consumer kicked the tires of one of those “colors” and walked out within 5-15 minutes.

Based on their smartphones’ IFA codes, they then went to one or two competitors to do the same. And, within 3-5 days, they made a purchase decision, sometimes, without even receiving an official quote from you.

This. Is. Not. Based. On. Opinions.

This is all based on the data-driven collection we do at Team SI.

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Around this time, I got on a plane and started to train some of the small ag sales staff of this find. The sales staff needed to know that everyone who walks in the door and looks at a piece of small ag is truly in the funnel. We must interact with these consumers; we must collect their information; we must have a marketing campaign that targets those people within that 3-5 day period, along with the sales staff calling to check in on them.

If you think 2019 was tough, just wait until 2020.

The ability for Team SI to target your audience is unique. We are one of the very few firms that has collected enough data on your audience to specifically identify and target them. This is why we have succeeded so well in the equipment and agriculture business.