Last week 235 attendees from 112 different dealerships across the U.S. and Canada gathered in Omaha, Neb., for 2 days of discussion focused on remarketing used equipment at our 3rd Dealership Minds Summit. The theme of the Summit was “Roadmap to Mastering Equipment Remarketing.” From the conversations I had with dealers, and others that I just overheard in passing, the meeting was a success. And the proof of that was in the connections made and the business cards exchanged to coordinate on future trades of equipment they take in — or in the case of Cory Forrester, owner of Forrester Farm Equipment in Chambersburg, Pa., giving out his cell phone number to everyone in attendance during his presentation.

As Ben Bair, regional sales manager with Pape Machinery, said during his presentation, “Every time you take a trade, it’s like a ticking time bomb.” Having a plan ahead of the trade coming in is absolutely necessary if you’re going to sell it in a timely manner. Knowing that used equipment remarketing is vital to the success of our industry, we announced at the conclusion of the Summit a new podcast series — “Farm Equipment Used Remarketing Roadmaps.”

What’s really different is that it’ll be hosted by one of you — Casey Seymour, who kicked off the Dealership Minds Summit with a general session on washout plans — and will be a fireside chat so to speak as he and leading remarketing managers talk shop and compare notes. Casey was integral in helping us plan the Dealership Minds Summit, and nearly everyone we spoke with while putting the program together told us he was the man when it comes to used equipment. The first episode is now live. And if you haven’t already listened to it, I encourage you to tune in and subscribe. Along with the podcast, Casey will also be writing a monthly Ask the Expert: Remarketing Used Equipment guest blog on where you can regularly ask questions and get them answered in real time. And finally, you’ll see a column from Casey in each print issue of Farm Equipment, starting with our next edition.

While it may seem like that irritating lady on the GPS is constantly yelling “recalculating route” at you when it comes to used equipment, it’s our hope that this new podcast and blog series will help you stay the course.

P.S. You’ll find complete, in-depth coverage of the entire 2017 Dealership Minds Summit in an upcoming issue of Farm Equipment.