It seems as if I blinked and 2016 came and went. It was certainly a wild year, and while many people are glad to move on and forge ahead with 2017, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the successes your dealership and employees had last year. We want to celebrate those successes with you. We’re now accepting nominations for the 2017 Dealership of the Year. You can submit your nominations here.

The Dealership of the Year program recognizes dealers in two categories:

  • Large, Multi-Store Operation (over $75 million in annual sales revenues)
  • Small-Store Operation (under $75 million in annual sales revenues)

We’re not just looking at financial results, though. In addition to the numbers, we’re also looking for dealers who have implemented training programs for their employees to help them grow and expand their roles within the dealership. Having a strong succession plan is another characteristic of a Dealership of the Year. Are you grooming younger employees for management positions? Having a career path for each employee doesn’t just help them, but it helps secure the future success of the dealership.

How has your organization changed over the last 4 years? Our independent panel of judges also takes a close look at significant changes a dealership has undergone in recent years, and how those changes have impacted the business and its employees. We’re also looking at dealers who are making strides in their community. If you’re working with your local FFA group or with high school or college students to prepare them for a future working in a dealership, that involvement could boost your chances of being named Dealership of the Year. 

You can see a lot of different aspects influence who is chosen as the Dealership of the Year. How did 2016 stack up for you? If you believe your dealership stands out above the rest, I strongly you encourage you to fill out a nomination form today. A clear sign of true leadership in any industry is a willingness to share information that not only shows how and why your business is succeeding, but will also help others in their industry get better.

Back in 2005, Farm Equipment’s Dealership of the Year program was established to “elevate farm equipment dealerships that are leading the industry in best practices, operations management and customer care.” Since then, 24 dealerships have been awarded the honor of Dealership of the Year, along side of 45 others who have been recognized as Best-in-Class dealerships. Our Dealership of the Year Alumni represent the best dealerships in the industry. Shouldn’t you be part of this elite group?