Reichhardt Electronic Innovations announces its platform kits for the new “D” Challenger 700/800 track machines using the integrated steering valve.

The new kit allows steering through Challenger’s ISOBUS connection using integrated hydraulics and electronics for maximum reliability and precision. Its flexibility is grounded in the compatibility with multiple ISO terminals and GPS receivers.

“We wanted to provide a steering solution for the new 2013 “D” model and the kit is available now,” says Reichhardt General Manager Jayme Paquin. “We’re only selling this through our dealers.”

Established in 2006, Reichhardt Electronic Innovations Inc. was formed to introduce an automated steering product for self-propelled farm equipment that is accurate, repeatable, versatile, easy to retrofit into existing farm equipment. Reichhardt provides a system that simplifies the automated steering process and provides flexibility in its use of GPS, ultra sound and tactile sensors. Providing niche solutions for OEM’s and dealers is the Reichhardt focus. Dealer inquiries welcome.