John Deere has introduced its ExactEmerge Retrofit Kit for late-model John Deere planters. This conversion kit provides corn and soybean producers with the ExactEmerge technology that allows them to increase productivity and crop yields through more timely and accurate seed placement.

“By retrofitting their late model John Deere planter with ExactEmerge components, customers can expect up to a 100% increase in planting speed, at least a 10% improvement in seed spacing accuracy and improved performance on side hills, all without impacting depth control,” says Adam Sipes, product specialist with John Deere Seeding Group.

The ExactEmerge Retrofit Kits are available for model year 2011 and newer 1770NT CCS and 1790 planters as well as model year 2012 and newer DB Series planters. Conversion components includes meter and hopper assemblies, cartridge assemblies, 56v electric drives and row unit controller assemblies, scrapers, cartridge guards and mounting hardware. Other components include planter controller with SeedStar 3 HP, backbone harness and tractor power generation harnessing, vacuum automation and curve compensation capability.

Kits require the use of tractor power generation and GreenStar 3 2630 Display for full operation. Depending on model of planter and tractor, additional components may be needed to complete the retrofit.