Introduced in 2016 as a factory-installed option for new model year 2018 sprayers, the ExactApply nozzle control system provides operators a comprehensive solution that improves the coverage and control of spray applications. It features Pulse Width Modulation (30 hertz pulsing) and automatic A/B nozzle switching from the sprayer cab. The system also offers operators turn compensation, individual nozzle on/off control and smart diagnostics to improve, monitor and document sprayer applications at the nozzle.

ExactApply retrofit kits are available for all R4030, R4038 and R4045 Sprayers manufactured since these models were introduced and that are equipped with stainless-steel plumbing and steel booms, no matter the boom size. Kits include new ExactApply nozzle bodies, new electrical boom harnessing to power and control the nozzles and a higher capacity alternator for the machine to provide for the added electrical power demands.

ExactApply retrofit-equipped sprayers offer their users the ability to switch between two pre-selected nozzles with the push of a button from inside the cab and full variable-rate functionality at the nozzle level to ensure the correct amount of material is applied to the right area of the field, even when turning.

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