The 2012 Agricultural Machinery Conference in Waterloo, Iowa, is a chance for agricultural engineers to come together to celebrate and educate on agricultural engineering in the Midwest. Find information and inspiration on everything related to agricultural machinery, expanding your knowledge and improving your own skills and business at the show from May 7-9, 2012.

Peer to Peer

The Annual Agricultural Machinery Conference was conceived by agricultural equipment engineers for their peers in the industry. This conference and tradeshow is a great opportunity for professionals in the field of farming machinery, allowing you to make connections and learn new things.

A Grand Forum

Since 1986, the AMC has served as a forum for engineers, managers, and other professionals in the field of agricultural equipment.

The conference gives you and other engineers the chance to gather in order to exchange ideas, see the latest technologies, and learn new design practices, techniques, and methods for the industry.

Information Sessions

Each year, a committee of volunteers solicits experts in the field of farming equipment to lead information sessions in the most important areas of equipment design and development. Over a 3-day period, attendees will have the opportunity to listen in on nearly 50 professional presentations, receiving invaluable advice on topics and fields as varied as engines, ergonomics, and economics.

Key Sponsors:

  • Farm Equipment
  • Diesel Progress
  • OEM Off-Highway
  • SAE Off-Highway Engineering