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Ag Equipment Intelligence’s USDA Ag Census Reference Guide: 20 Years of Essential Agricultural Data (2002-2022)

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A Breakdown of the USDA Censuses of Agriculture from 2002-2022, Examining How Farmers are Spending, What Equipment They’re Using and What Crops They’re Growing

In this report, Ag Equipment Intelligence editors have gathered data from the last five USDA Censuses of Agriculture and compiled them to reveal how farmers have changed their practices in key areas of agriculture, such as machinery ownership, farm income and farm expenses. When examined over the last two decades, this data offers valuable insight into the history of farm financials and where farmer spending might go in the future. This report is a tool for manufacturers and dealers trying to understand how their customer base is set to change in the coming years, particularly when it comes to what they will buy and what crops they will grow.

Some highlights from the report include:

Part 1: Farm Machinery

  • This section of the report examines farm machinery ownership among farms, including a breakdown of tractor ownership by horsepower over the last 20 years.
  • Farm equipment ownership is also categorized by the estimated market value of a farm’s owned machinery and equipment.

Part 2: Farms, Finances & Farmland

  • Here the report looks at farms by their size and values of sales, in addition to their economic class (by market value of ag products sold).
  • This section of the report also examines land in farms, including cropland acreage, harvested acreage and land enrolled in federal conservation programs.
  • All federal government payments to farms are shown, including a breakdown of conservation payments and commodity credit corp. loans.

Part 3: Crops & Cropping Practices

  • This section looks at the changing market value of ag products sold by U.S. farms, breaking value down by average per farm and the total value of key commodities grown. Crops are also shown by the farms that grow them, crops’ total U.S. acreage and their average yield per acre.
  • Farm production expenses are examined by categories, including total farm expenses, seeds purchased and hired farm labor.
  • Farm irrigation is shown for all U.S. farms, in addition to all partially irrigated crops, and a breakdown of how different farmland (cropland, pastureland) are irrigated.
  • This section also looks at organic agriculture, showing total and average per farm organic product sales.

Also available upon request is analysis of more niche data from the censuses of agriculture, including data dating as far back as 1974.


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